Dimitar Petrov Portfolio


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"All along his quest, Dimitar Petrov has developed an artistic stand driven by his own emotions and following a careful attitude. Petkov’s art aims at manifesting reality’s non-material side. It seizes the condition, and expresses the unobvious. Its starting point is nature; yet the artist transforms it to go beyond it and reach out for its spiritual essence without quite losing the relation to the prototype. The relation between materiality and immateriality is reduced to certain signs and symbols as well as to the human traces. In Petkov’s work, the manhood is not substantiated, but his presence can be felt. Human sensory experiences and emotions motivate these works. Each one of them is a separate emotion, a reflection of a specific condition. They are universal and relieved of specific outlines. At the same time they are tangible and resemble an all-pervasive fog blurring the outlines. An opportunity is there for the viewer not only to recognize his experiences but to complete and determine their shapes in his self-awareness as well.

The works presented here were created over the last couple of years. They are evidence of a completed stage in the creative process. A complex and rich colour scheme reflects the infinite nuances and shades of colour. A deep, multi-dimensional and multilayered painting matter is created, one that is undoubtedly rationalized while keeping the fascination of the spontaneous gesture. It has a life of this own, throbbing and alive. The sky, the light and the water are fundamental. What one feels is tranquility, ease, airiness and freedom, space and time dissolving, infinity and comprehensiveness.

These paintings engross the viewer. Their strength comes from the artist’s professional intuition, their impact draw on his artistic sensitivity while their autonomy is a result of his non-conformism. A concentrated, deep, and aestetically mastered energy."

Denitsa Kiseler, 2011

Extract from Dimitar Petrov's catalogue